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Discovery of the Internal Structure of Being



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The contemporary naturalist wants to create things like the Platonic Demiurge. In the processes of cloning, genetic crosses, creating new mutated forms of plants, it is not just about reforming and processing things, but about being in the role of someone who usurps the power of creation through science. Therefore, the need arises to answer the question whether there are limits to interference in the structure of things, the limits beyond which the intervention ceases to be improvement and goes in the direction of harming and deforming things. This problem is the domain of not only natural sciences, but above all, metaphysics. Metaphysics teaches us to discover the internal structure of things, in which apart from accidental elements are also constitutive elements, means that determine the nature of things, and determine the limit of identity and individuality of things that can not be crossed in any way without destroying the thing itself. The most important goal of book in the series Notebook No 5 is to introduce the reader to the ability to discover the internal structure of the world of people and things, and thus reach out to such structure of things that no other science than metaphysics can discover.